Sumeet Chopra is an innovative British Asian composer, music producer and musician who has worked extensively with globally renowned artists in Bollywood, Bhangra and World Music arenas. His compositions have been featured internationally on television networks such as BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, E4, MTV, CBS, NBC, Sky, theatre productions and films In a household of revolving musicians through his Sitar musician mother and musician uncle, Sumeet was formatively exposed to traditional improvisatory composition alongside a wide range of Bollywood, Bhangra and western music records— a cornerstone of his diverse output. His early experience came as a keyboardist, mentored by the very same uncle that introduced him to the art. From there Sumeet performed live and recorded for many of the emerging UK Bhangra artists of the late 80s and alongside touring artists from India in what was an inspirational and collaborative period, Scouted by pioneering Bhangra band Alaap during the 90s led to worldwide tours and festival slots, and the opportunity to experiment with synths and sample loops with the likeminded community of the emerging British Asian underground scene in Talvin Singh and The Dhol Foundation. By 23 Sumeet produced the world’s first Ethnic sample CD (earning him the moniker “The Groove Guru” (by AMG) which has been used extensively by producers and composers including A.R Rehman and Punjabi M.C.

Permanently curious about his abilities as a musician, Sumeet pursued opportunities in Bollywood as a Music Director, Composer and Remixer recording with world-acclaimed singers such as Shanker Mahadevan, Richa Sharma, Labh Janjua, Krishna Beura and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik & Mahalakshmi Iyer. All while working with the next generation of British Asian producers such as Punjabi Hit Squad, which led to a string of hits featuring Alyssia, Ms Scandalous, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. In 2006 Rifco Arts approached Sumeet to develop the score for award winning musical ‘Britain’s Got Bhangra’ which received universal critical acclaim (praised by The Guardian: ‘Sumeet Chopra’s score is a delight that brings the audience to its feet and introduces a new sound into the stale world of the British musical.’). ‘Britain’s Got Bhangra’ successfully toured the UK between 2010-2011 and led to further scores for award winning 2013 Rifco production ‘Break The Floorboards’ and the score and songs for 2016 retelling of famed eastern love story (Laila Majnu) ‘Laila’ What defines Sumeet is his endless passion for preserving the colourful heritage of Indian music and its origins while embracing its evolution. Technology and the fusion of his wide range of western musical influences sees him experimenting with its forms to produce genre defying music. Sumeet Chopra holds an innovative and unique place within the British music industry which sees him poised to push the boundaries of fusion in his next approaching creative phase.


Listen to Sumeet’s World Music Compositions here