Will’s introduction to music was certainly adventurous, spanning a few European countries at an early age. Starting with classical piano ‘on and off’ since age 5 (reaching grade 15 age 12), 10 year old Will moved to Poland and started drumming with the influence of a Jazz and hardcore drummer. Will returned to the UK age 13 and started jamming in school bands. Another move (this time Bulgaria) happened to be a formative time Will remembers through Bulgaria’s venues, seeing his jazz drummer teacher play 2 in the morning at dingy jazz clubs, and jam nights with Bulgaria’s drumming community and prominent artists. This prompted Will to form a band in the non-existent music scene of his French school, made up of his very own dad, older students and teachers. Thanks to this Will played at the British Ambassador’s house in a televised performance.

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Returning to England during the era of ‘Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and DC Shoes’ Will continued to play inmate’s bands. A samba band led him to Wanda, a soon to be best mate and music collaborator in a soul band. The change in direction enabled Will to learn ‘cool chords’ alongside getting a synthesiser and 8 track. The result was recorded tracks for house parties and over 400-500 tracks on the recorder. The Soul band soon became reggae pop outfit ‘Woo’ and with that came skinny jeans, appearances on radio and interviews around Berkshire.

The next project was the cornerstone of Will’s musical path, Ambient (later Subverts, Late Nights)- the pub playing mate band that Will didn’t have in Bulgaria (they even had a rival band). Influenced by the noughties indie pop explosion (Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Wild Beasts) Ambient gigged around with a plethora of members for seven years. Will notes while the music became ‘too cheesy at the end’, it was a learning curve, seeing them play established venues and supporting the likes of The Hoosiers. Studying Contemporary Music Production at uni continued his path of collaboration with DJ set/act Kaya and later Kyko. Will joined Kyko for two years on drums then percussion/keyboards and harmonies, touring the UK and festival scene including BBC Radio 1 Weekend and Liverpool Sound City.

Let’s not forget that throughout this time Will’s constant has been Readipop. Work experience at 15 led him to work as a technician age 17 (working band nights, promoting, live sound). After shadowing Readipop’s teaching, Will started with a couple private students and now has over 20 clientele. Will teaches keyboards, drumming and piano grades 1-5 and provides 1 to 1 sessions on production, songwriting and composition with young people. The work puts Will in a state of learning, wanting to better himself technically as a musician for his students, and as a side effect, for himself. As for his own projects, Will is open but letting things happen, happy to experiment without pressure between production, playing and collaboration. See latest stint as Rowetta’s keyboardist for Readipop Festival and 20th Anniversary.