The Small Strings: A lot of ukes, a lot of singing, a bit of bass, a bit of a cajon and a ton of fun.

The Small Strings is ukulele project and entertaining performing group with a varied repertoire of popular songs. This tangoed troupe have been playing and performing together for five years, originally inspired and developed by Readipop music leader Rob Gilmour. The weekly sessions are now led by David Stewart and take place on Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm at Readipop Studios. Sessions include rehearsing current songs, learning new ones and learning or developing playing and performance technique.

We run ‘Ukulele 101’ workshops for absolute beginners and short beginners courses at the start of each term to induct new players into the band.

Sessions normally cost £6/week (pay as you go) or £60 for a 13 or 14 week term.

£30 for 2 months during covid restrictions  (paid in advance). Contact us to find out more.


Weekly Sessions.