6.00-6.30 FLASHFIRES – ‘Fast-paced, with a funky twist and a surge of energy…they have great stage presence and know how to captivate their audiences’ – The Edge Magazine

6.45-7.15 KILL COMMITTEE – Everything stolen from the provincial garage underground of the sixties, the frenzied, blood splattered best bits of post-punk…


– a collective of musicians from the south east. Not always men, not always young. But always here.

8.30-9.30 JIM BOB

Jim Bob formed Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine with guitarist Fruitbat. Together as Carter they would have 14 top 40 singles and a number one album, selling over a million records and touring the world. With Carter, Jim Bob would become known for his socially aware pop lyrics and in particular his use of puns. Outside of Carter Jim Bob has had a long and varied solo career. He has released seven albums – solo and with his disco-pop-punk band Jim’s Super Stereoworld.

10.00-10.45 BLANCMANGE

Best known for their classic synth pop hits that rivalled other great acts of the era like OMD, Depeche Mode and The Human League, Blancmange long awaitedly returned eight years ago with a new album for the first time since their vintage new wave offerings. Disbanding in 1985 it took some 26 years for duo Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe to revisit Blancmange and write new material.

Their best known tracks such as ‘God’s Kitchen’, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘Living on the Ceiling‘ presented a band that was quirky, fun and intelligent. Parallel to the coldness of 80s some synth pop and post-punk, luminaries Blancmange were the antidote.  Blancmange will be touring with fellow 80s electronic group Heaven 17 this year.

Plus DJ Tania Twinkle