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Urban Orchestra toolkit



September 9, 2014



Networking for Music Educators

"Four years ago I'd never played an instrument. Thanks to Readipop I play guitar every day, am in a regularly gigging band and I study music. Oh yeah and I work in a recording studio. "

− Harry, Readipop project participant

"I think Moving On is absolutely wonderful; the chance I’ve been given is amazing really. At my age to be able to sing in a choir and be able to participate in lots of music and technology, it’s just a god send. "

− Anita Shultz, Moving On participant

"Over the last year and a half Readipop have given me the confidence and the abilities to realise my ambitions within music. It has been such a privilege to work with the charity and observe the great work that they do. Thank you Gavin, Rob and Lucy for all the great work that you put in everyday."

− Chuks Tabé

"A MASSIVE thank you to Readipop who engaged 'C' - he had an EXCELLENT music session and thoroughly enjoyed it!


− Nicky Dziewulska-Miles, Cranbury College

"Our daughters pop star singing party held with you was such fun for all the girls. They recorded individually and Claude expertly mixed the track together, and after and afternoon of dancing, performing on stage, and controlling the music decks - they went home having experienced something new and unique! Thank you to all the team for your patience and professionalism in making it a memorable day"

− Tanya Wicks