RISER is Readipop’s platform for new music.

RISER is an ethical, not for profit music label created by Reading-based music charity, Readipop.

RISER aims to support musicians in the early stages of their career – the point where can release a single or two but may struggle to fund and manage all the elements involved whilst continuing to create new music.

RISER can support and manage initial releases so that artists can focus on the creative process.

RISER helps bridge the gap into the production and release of an initial, coherent body of work (singles & EPs) to better define their sound and present their work to the public and industry.

Success is be defined by a step change in the artist’s career development.

9 + 7 =


  • To enable emerging artists to create a cohesive repertoire/collection of new music.
  • To support a series of releases and live ‘festival set’.
  • To create and manage a promotional plan to support the artist/label releases.
  • To develop a plan to sustain artists to the next stage in their career (funding, touring, sync etc).

Access to Readipop Studios, rehearsal and recording facilities, producers and production support.
Access to Readipop Festival & venue and festival partners
Access to Industry insiders to advise on strategy.
Access to marketing and PR specialists.
Access to funding expertise.
Access to XOX vintage electronic studio